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If you’re currently in a home that you want to move out of, wanting to get rid of some belongings or wanting to relocate your business – it can be difficult to plan for.

If you’re going through this procedure, either on your own or with people who’ve had no experience in moving/ removal processes before – it can be difficult to put together a plan without becoming stressed.

However, here at Remote Removals, we’re removing the hassle from either operation. No matter the situation or area in St Helens you are in, we can cater to all your needs with stress-free services.

Providing a helping hand to removals without the headache of doing it yourself is what we provide to people in the North West. Explore the range of removal services you can receive today to see which will suit your requirements.

House To House Removals in St Helens

If you’re looking to move out of your home this year – struggling to work out the logistics behind moving to a the new location is typically a reason why someone may never move. The stress of moving furniture, personal possessions and other belongings from house to house can be a daunting task.

We believe that rather than trying to rush a moving process – it is best to have a thorough plan of action before going into it. This way, less stress is encouraged and a more efficient, safe move is carried out.

For every household, there will be a different plan (due to the number of belongings, size of a new house, etc). However, the pride we take in ensuring the move is a smooth-running process that will stay the same throughout. Offering our customers different, yet tailored services, so that they understand exactly what suits them and will work in their favour is crucial to us.

Everything from packing your storage within your household, loading it up into our transport and driving it to your new location will be looked after by our team. If now is the time you feel is right to move out (with little to no stress) – contact us today and we’ll be sure to help you every step of the way!

House Clearance in St Helens

In St Helens, Remote Removals are hugely favoured among the public and other companies for all house clearance needs. Rather than having one speciality that we focus on – we have a plethora of quality services available for you to choose from. This flexibility is what sets us apart from the rest as we can complete any task that you need assistance with.

Whether it be Indoors or outdoors, any clearance task will be achievable with St Helens removals. For each clearance job during a house move, we take great pride in making sure we listen and communicate with our customers to ensure that everything that needs to be removed is done so.

On your own or with friends, family members or anyone with you at the time – a house clearance may seem like a dreaded and worrisome task. What if I get rid of something that I don’t want to leave my house? Will it be too heavy? How long will it take? These questions are some of the main reasons why people struggle to muster up the energy to carry out a house clearance.

Nonetheless, a team who will support you with the whole procedure will not go missed. Therefore, if you’re feeling any anxiety or pressure about how it will be possible on your own – look no further. This chore will be no more with Remote Removals – so if you’re interested in advice for your home clearance, call us today

Commercial Removals in St Helens

If you’re a small business, growing business or established business – you will understand that moving office can be a part of your journey. As you improve and the workload increases, new staff will need to be hired to fulfil the requirements of your new workload.

When relocating to a new office, keeping in mind that your staff will be without a workplace can be a stressful thought. If you don’t have the option for remote work, this could become a problem – thus, the need for an efficient job will rise.

If you’re trying to do this on your own, then these circumstances will be amplified. Moving on your own to a new house is often less stressful than moving with a business due to people relying on you.

Nonetheless, having a team behind you to speed up this process as much as possible is essential for these demands. Having your staff in a new office within a short timeframe is the goal for us. We understand that every business has its own problems and everyday tasks to work from. So, we would love to make this moving procedure into your new premises as simple as possible.

Before beginning, we will need some valuable information about your current and new office situation (size of objects that need moving, size of the new office, etc) so we can plan accordingly for the most efficient move possible.

After this plan is designed for your tailored office, our relocation experts will come out and ensure that they perform in the most professional manner possible. Regardless of how many belongings you have, there is never too much for us to handle. We’re happy to help, no matter the size of the commercial project presented to us. Reach out to us on our website or call us immediately to see what you clarify for!

Why Choose Remote Removals For Moving/ Removal Services

With us being a family-run business with 5-star ratings and reviews scattered across our website – we take great pride in building the best removal company in St Helens (eventually England as a whole). Being a cost-effective company with the most diverse services in Merseyside – we are available 24/7 for all of your moving/ removal needs.

Being based in Merseyside, we’re happy to travel anywhere across St Helens! For any quotes, advice or services you’re unsure about or are looking for – call us today and we’ll make sure to help you with anything you need.

Moving is so easy

How Do We Work?

We believe that clearing your house should be a straightforward three-step procedure, thus we developed a simple three-step approach for removing your house and providing a smooth Commerical Removal service.

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Easily contact us from our email, filling out our quote form on calling us from our contact details where we can hear about your home clearance.

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When we've understood your current situation then we will arrange a date and time that suits you, we work Monday from Sunday.

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We will be there on the dot to clear your house, if you decide to cancel before the date due to plans suddenly changing we charge no cancellation fees.

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Couldn’t have asked for better service from these guys, will definitely be using them again! Thank you for a smooth experience.

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Cheap, reliable and a really great bunch of lads! Would recommend to anybody looking for a Removal service!

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Really good company! Done everything I asked for and was super easy and quick, would definitely use again!

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Such a great service. Lovely people. Really accommodating, professional & helpful. Thank you!

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A very reliable service fab work/workers thank you so much.

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