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If you are requiring a full-packaging service, that is something that we offer here at Remote Removals. We are able to safely package valuable items such as china, glassware, paintings and many more that require extra attention. We base our packaging service on your demands so each service is completely tailored to you whether you are requiring a full-house packaging or just requiring certain items to be packaged, we are extremely flexible in our services if you would like to discuss your current situation we’d be more then happy to listen and give a fair price based on your needs and requirements.

We understand that many individuals or businesses don’t have the time to pack their homes or offices, especially with more important tasks that require your attention. That is why we are more than happy to do the work while you focus on what you need to be done. If you are unsure of what services that you are looking for with packaging then we are more than happy to hear about your current circumstances so we can offer you a service that is tailored to you, knowing this information will make the process a lot simpler and easier for both parties when we arrive.

All the work that we do is held to the highest standards and we take massive pride in what we do to offer the best experience for all our happy clients. We will handle belongings with the utmost care when dealing with them and leave your area as clean as when we arrived. Our team is highly-trained in wrapping each item individually with care to protect your valuable possession such as family chinaware or items that have been passed down for generations.


Why Choose Remote Removals?

Remote Removals is a family-run packaging and removal business in the North West that has successfully helped many clients package and move homes successfully. We take pride in every job that we do for our clients and make sure that we offer a five-star experience that is high-quality and completely stress-free as we know how much of a hassle these jobs can be if you are attempting them by yourself.

This packaging service can be essential if you are dealing with items that need extra attention with and our very valuable to you and your family. To protect these items from potentially being damaged then you’ll need to contact a top-rated packaging company that can provide this service such as Remote Removals.

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Benefits Of Packaging Service

There are many top benefits that come with our packaging service. Protecting your possessions and making sure that your relocation to a new office or moving to a new household goes smoothly should be a high priority and our affordable highly efficient packaging service allows that.

What Packaging Services Are There?

We offer tailored services to our clients with our packaging services but there are some common packaging services that we offer that can suit your requirements.

Full Packing Service – We offer a full-packaging service which is when we will come to your property or office a day or two before you happen to move and we will organise each room and pack them accordingly. This type of service is key if you don’t have the time or are unable to package your room before a move, this service will speed up the process and save you any potential hassle.

Part Packing Service – If you do have the time to pack certain times but unfortunately can’t or need help with other items then this service is best for you. You can let us know which items you will need packaging and we can sort them out in an efficient and high-quality manner. This quote will be tailored to your current situation and items.

Owner Packed Service – Many owners or businesses want to pack for themselevs which is no problem but they will require certain packaging materials, we can provide you with what you need to pack your equipment at an affordable cost. This means you can safely pack your belongings.

Fragile Items Packaging – If you have any high-priced items or ones that are valuable to you then they are going to require extra need and attention. Our professional and trained staff will be able to package your delicate items with care making sure they don’t get damaged or broken.

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How Do We Work?

Looking for a reliable packaging service in the North West? Let us handle the hard-work and make sure all your items are carefully wrapped and ready to go whether that’d to be your new home or business HQ.

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Easily contact us from our email, filling out our quote form on calling us from our contact details where we can hear about your home clearance.

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When we've understood your current situation then we will arrange a date and time that suits you, we work Monday from Sunday.

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We will be there on the dot to clear your house, if you decide to cancel before the date due to plans suddenly changing we charge no cancellation fees.

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Couldn’t have asked for better service from these guys, will definitely be using them again! Thank you for a smooth experience.

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Cheap, reliable and a really great bunch of lads! Would recommend to anybody looking for a Removal service!

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Really good company! Done everything I asked for and was super easy and quick, would definitely use again!

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Such a great service. Lovely people. Really accommodating, professional & helpful. Thank you!

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A very reliable service fab work/workers thank you so much.

Frequently Asked Questions

Still got a few questions about our packaging service? We’ve made this section to help answer frequent questions that we get asked about from our clients, this should help you gain more clarity on our service & experience. If your question isn’t here then please reach out to us via email or phone and we’ll be happy to answer any potential enquires that you may have about our packaging service.

Yes, it is worth getting a packaging materials service when you have a lot of items to pack or any valuables in your household that you are worried about being damaged. It's important to make sure that the items are packed well and safely for transport so they won't be damaged in transit.

Packaging Materials Services can provide packing products like bubble wrap, cardboard boxes, and more. We can also arrange for the pickup of your items from home or office and delivery to their warehouse or store.


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